Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

There’s nothing quite like a wedding reception in a tent, with its uniquely informal atmosphere, customized decor and proximity to the elements outdoors.

Weddings and receptions with an outdoor component are incredibly popular in the warm months. However, with larger, more sophisticated tent structures boasting such comforts as built-in heating, tent receptions are even taking hold in the colder seasons as well.

Yet tents are so much more than simply shelter. With the natural soft light created by their white walls, white ceiling liners and the often-creative lighting schemes within, many wedding photographers tend to love tent receptions for their natural intimacy, picture-friendly conditions and creative possibilities.

One of the nicest things about tent receptions is the creative possibilities they enable. Unlike the typical reception hall, a tent is indeed like a blank slate upon which you can build your own world, creating exactly the atmosphere you desire for your grand celebration. This not only makes your reception more memorable for you and your guests, but also makes possible a unique and powerful set of visual elements that will translate to beautiful photographic memories.

It is possible to decorate one of Champaign County Tent Ultra Pavilion Plus tents in such a way that when you’re finished, you are not aware of the tent in any way. A lot of brides have done creative things to enhance the setting by using lots of greenery -- bonzai trees, floral arrangements and more -- so than in any reception hall, you have a lot more latitude to create a specific feel.

Wedding photographers tend to love the light in tents, whether they’re shooting during the day or in the evening.

With a tent, especially in the summer months, you benefit from wonderful ambient light coming through the walls until 8 p.m., allowing most photographers to work with or without flash much longer than they would in a reception hall.

Wide-angle photo shooting can capture that special moment between the bride and groom during their first dance. With tent lighting and wide angle shooting, the picture can capture the ambiance that surrounds the occasion.

Trouble could be lurking in the details, and with the additional creative freedom of tents comes some added responsibility to assure that your reception is successful and memorable. It comes down to careful planning.  This is where Champaign County Tent experienced event coordinators are your best friend.

Climate control is an important consideration if your reception is taking place during the heart of summer when the air can be warm and sticky, or in a month when the outdoor temperature may be chilly. Fortunately, Champaign County Tent event coordinators are planners and can offer a range of heating and air-conditioning systems, which will assure that your guests stay comfortable.

Imagine the detail that went into this wedding reception. When you walked in, a big coatroom was hidden from the main room. The chandeliers were sparkling beneath a white tent liner and colorful lighting. There is even ‘his’ and ‘hers’ porta-johns, both of which were covered in their own tents, camoeflaging them. There were Christmas lights on the trees inside and outside. The detailed planning was evident all the way through. By the way there was snow on the ground and the lake was frozen. And, it was a balmy 68 degrees. And yes, it was January.

If you use a tent’s creative freedom wisely, you can assure an environment that not only reflects your own aesthetic, but also creates a sense of warm intimacy that would be difficult, if not impossible, in most banquet halls. And the direct proximity to the outdoors opens up an entirely new dynamic of atmosphere and social interaction, as individuals and small groups wander out onto the surrounding property. From a distance, at nighttime, the tent just glows, and there’s muffled music and voices. It makes this really warm feeling.

And if it rains? Well, bring it on! Many people would agree that there’s something romantic and cozy about being in a tent with the elements a few inches away. What better place to feel enclosed and protected than at your wedding under a Champaign County Tent Ultra Pavilion Plus tent, with a carpeted floor keeping your feet high and dry?

Receptions are all about creating the sense of intimacy—the sense of space and place. If you’re inside a ballroom, you’re oblivious to what’s going on outside. But a tent reception creates a unique space.

All tent weddings have that magic feel to them that brides look for when they get married.  It sounds like a cliché, but it’s like when you go home to your mama’s house, and you walk in, and it’s all pretty and decorated for Christmas. You get that feeling of this is absolutely beautiful. And the food is great...or even if it’s average it tastes great. It’s a warm feeling.

Now that you want your special day “your wedding day” under a beautifully design tent,  you need to call one of our event coordinators and let them help you plan your perfect day.