Lighting and Sound

More and more people are planning theme parties, weddings and corporate events that take place in tents. Adding the extra flair of lighting that creates the right mood plays a major role in the design of these events. To make your tent events real memory makers, discover all the lighting options available to you by consulting the Champaign County Tent event coordinators.


Add focus to any upscale tent event with chandeliers. Champaign County Tent offers two different types.

Our 15 bulb candelabra chandeliers are for upscale events.

Our five-globe chandelier gives the look of subtle charm for small social events. All of our chandeliers can be used in any of our pole tents or frame pavilions.

Eve Globe lights are used to complement our five-globe chandeliers when the size of the tent needs additional lighting.

Freestanding Globe Light Poles

Freestanding globe lights allow designers to create settings or scenes in different areas of the tent, such as a park bench with flowers besides street light poles. Globe styles are available, and can really set the scene for that special event.

Par Lights

Our 500-watt par lights are white to blend into almost any setting. With the use of colored gels, you can add colored lighting to add drama or flair to your event.  You can shine colored lights up from inside large potted plants or achieve an avant-garde look with back lighting that shines through theatrical scrims or background panels of stretched materials. Our popular tent ceiling liners offer the opportunity to add accent with different colors or wash the ceiling with color to affect the mood of the tent’s interior.

Halogen Flood Lights

Use halogen flood lights that shine up into the tent ceiling to provide lighting for tailgates, beer gardens and other such events.





Gym Lights

If you really need really bright lighting then we have gym lights.  These light are just right for clothing sales, auctions, or any events where a lot of light is required.