Layout and Design

Champaign County Tent's five-star event coordinators will help plan your event from start to finish. They will sit down with you and listen to your vision for your event. Next, we will create a computer-assisted design of your event to help you visualize the best layout. Indoors or out, with or without a tent, our design service allows you view designs until you find the one that is right.

Once you have selected a design, one of our trained site inspectors will come to your location and make recommendations for any alterations to the standard installation plan. These alteration recommendations will take into account overhead wires, trees, buildings and other obstructions and help you minimize surprises during installation. Our staff can also assist you in obtaining a permit – if necessary -- in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our experienced event planning staff is always available for consultation and site visits. We can offer expert advice on tents and canopies, staging flooring, lighting, chairs, tables and food service equipment you will need to ensure a smooth and successful event.

Planning every detail in advance minimizes hassles and maximizes success for your event. For large-scale events, our staff can prepare and plan days in advance to set up support for stages, stabilize tents, and make uninhabitable locations seem absolutely elegant.

What Size Tent Do You Need?

Type of Event Square feet needed per person
Cocktail party/standing 5-6
Cocktail party/seating 10
Reception/partial seating 8
Reception/banquet tables 10
Dining/60" round tables 14
Cathedral seating (in rows) 8
Dance area 4

Other Considerations

Once you have chosen your ideal tent size, there are some additional factors that may influence your decisions. You may want to consider the following:

  • The surface the tent is to be installed on. Certain surfaces such as pavement or concrete may require extra or custom equipment that can add to the cost of your rental.
  • The number of tents required. Depending on the circumstances, Champaign County Tent may be able to offer discounts on multiple rentals or multiple quantities of tents.
  • Although delivery is included with the rental of each tent, depending on the size and distance from our shop, longer distances may affect the price.
  • Season and time of installation. Winter months require more labor, as do installations late at night or early in the morning.
  • Are there any custom requirements that have to be addressed? Installation over trees, patios or eavestroughs all require additional work.
  • Accessories such as pole curtains, lighting, and heating should be considered when calculating final cost.
  • Rental costs include up to four days of rental. Should you require the tent for a longer period, we would be happy to discuss long-term discounts.

All of these factors affect the type of tent you'll need. Our expert installers can answer any of your questions, as well as work with just about any configuration, obstructions or special needs you might have.