Heating and Air Conditioning

Champaign County Tent air conditioners and large event heating units are custom built for the event industry to create and maintain a comfortable temperature to ensure the comfort of your event’s guests.

Our Trane 25-ton air conditioning and heating units provide 300,000 BTUs of cooling with redundant compressors for dependability and up to 72 kilowatts of electric resistive heat that can be activated at the touch of a button.  Each unit is designed for easy, fast installation with panel-mounted cam-lock cable connections that allow for units to be daisy-chained for a cleaner site with fewer cables. All cables are painted white to blend with the tents. The units are equipped with condensation pumps to ensure operation in wet weather.

Temporary Power

Champaign County Tent can power any event regardless of the location. Our mobile generators are equipped with sound attenuating insulation to guarantee quiet operation for your event.





Cool Air Movers

Remember the chill you feel when the wind hits your wet skin after swimming on a hot day? That’s evaporative cooling. Our evaporative cooling units simulate this natural process by providing a constant flow of refreshingly cool air into hot, uncomfortable environments. Cool Air Movers can reduce the temperature by an average of 10-15 degrees. They operate on tap water and 115 volts of electricity and are mobile for easy spot cooling. Our filler cart units operate for up to eight hours without a hose connection. High performance units feature quiet operation and cool about 2,650 square feet.



Propane Heaters

Champaign County Tent offers propane heaters to help warm a tent during cold weather. With their clean look, quiet operation and fuel efficient direct-fired design, L.B. White Premier heaters deliver safe, dependable heating and air circulation for any tented event. Our LP or natural gas heaters feature

  • heat outputs from 80,000-170,000 Btu/hour
  • dependable electronic ignition
  • thermostat controls and quiet operation
  • enclosed flame and airflow safety devices
  • enclosed electronics
  • flexible indoor and outdoor placement
  • full line of ducting accessories



Ceiling Fans

Champaign County Tent also offers simple, but effective, ceiling fans for both our frame and pole tents.