Flooring (Dance & Carpeting)

Champaign County Tent offers dance floors from 9' x 12' to 18' x 24'. See the chart below for the size you will need for your special event.

Portable Dance Floor Size Chart

12 couples: 9' x 12'
16 couples: 12' x 12'
20 couples: 12' x 15'
25 couples: 15' x 15'
30 couples: 15' x 18'
40 couples: 18' x 18'
50 couples: 18' x 24'

For those very special wedding or corporate events, Champaign County Tent can provide tent flooring that levels areas, covers imperfections on the surface, and keeps your guests' feet dry during bad weather. We use a sub-flooring plank and board installation where boards line the ground and are topped with plywood to create a large solid surface. The carpet is stapled or taped to this surface. creating a floor that is nearly identical to a floor inside a building.

Worried about uneven ground at your event site? We specialize in flooring situations to create the ideal foundation for your outdoor celebration. For the long term events, we recommend using standard floor joist construction that we can build on site.

Champaign County Tent has provided carpeting for both inside and outside events. Call and talk to one of our event coordinators about carpeting your next event.